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Stud Contract

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Stud Contract

Customer agrees to pay all costs associated with completing the breeding: ex. Shipping the female, and or the collection of semen for insemination, and or shipping of the semen, etc. In addition to the stud fee. These costs of the customer and will not be paid by First Choice Bullies. Studs purchased cannot be resold to any 3rd party or given/used on the DAM stated in this contract. If dam passes away or cannot be bred for any reason, new female must be approved by First Choice Bullies.

Owners of females will be allowed up to 2 additional breedings if breeding does not take or female has 2 or less pups, therefore a total of 3 breeding. If 3 breedings are unsuccessful after adequate quality semen is sent, the female’s owner will have to look into other options. All stud fees are NON-Refundable or Nontransferable. Once a litter had been born of 3 or more pups, the contract has been fulfilled and completed by First Choice Bullies.

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