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Puppy Contract

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Puppy Contract

  1. Seller guarantees pup to be in good health, current on vaccinations, and free of Distemper, Parvo, Parainfluenza, and any life-threatening genetic defect.


  1. All puppies will have a current health certificate from a licensed Veterinary Clinic.


  1. The first set of shots will be given along with deworming. Follow up shots and deworming are the responsibility of the buyer. Any pup that develops an illness related to lack of shots or deworming will not be replaced.


  1. Purchaser agrees to provide a safe home for their new pup and will not use the pup for illegal activity. If at any time, the purchaser is found to be using the pup for illegal activity, the seller reserves the right to regain possession of the pup.


  1. A deposit is required to hold any puppy. Puppies are required to be paid in full by the day of pickup. If you change your mind on a pup, your deposit may be transferred to any available pup at that time.


  1. The purchaser of a blued-coated puppy should understand and beware these dogs are more prone to skin and coat problems. The seller does not guarantee and is not held responsible for skin or coat problems that are common among dogs with blue coating.


  1. By signing our agreement, you understand that if at any time you can no longer provide care for the dog, you will contact the seller. We will gladly take them back.


  1. We do not guarantee against Hip or Elbow Dysplasia, as these larger breed dogs and can exceed 100 pounds. This is a polygenic trait that is affected by environmental factors, as well as outside breeding’s. There is no way for us to breed to any outside studs with an official complete health tested line. We do not breed with Hip or Elbow Dysplasia, but the trait can pop up from a previous generation. Buyer assumes all risk. We highly recommend pet insurance.


  1. Seller reserves the right to include their name on the puppy registration paperwork.


  1. Any deposit on any breeding is $1,000.00 NON-REFUNDABLE. If the breeding does not take, or the desired pick/sex is not produced, the deposit will be transferred to the repeat breeding of the sire and dam or another breeding of the customer’s choice. Even if the breeding is not repeated, deposits are non-refundable. They must be transferred to another breeding. All sales are final.

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